Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Friends-One of the BEST gifts from God!

Can I just say that I am extremely blessed to have so many wonderful friends? New and old! I love living in Nashville and I love going to Crieve Hall church because there are so many people that we love and get to hang out with!

Here is a recap of the past few days filled with great people...

Saturday-we had a picnic at Crockett park with a bunch of the young marrieds from church. We ate, talked and then a bunch of them played kickball while myself, Brody, Adrienne (& Georgia), Amelia, and Amy cheered them on from a blanket in the shade. The plus to this outing was that we took some very cute pictures of Brody and HIS friends and he and Tinley even experienced their first swings together.
Sunday-We ate lunch with the Alsups and the Watsons-I love these families, especially hanging out with these girls, they are too much fun and they became mommas a little before me so I can learn a lot from them! and I got to see some friends from preschool that I hadn't seen in a while.
Monday-Will & Sarah and Tyler & Adrienne (&G.G.) came over for dinner and we hung out and talked so long that Ryan had already taken out his contacts, brushed his teeth, turned down the bed, and gathered their things at the door when they were getting ready to leave. Disclaimer: Ryan LOVES both these couples but when he's ready for bed, he's ready for bed. We all went to FHU together and there are lots of funny things to talk about...even if you think its dorky..there is a Freed Hardeman place like it!
Tuesday-Will and Sarah visited briefly..actually Will came to borrow the truck at dinner time and sampled my new chili recipe...passed his test I think.
Wednesday-STROLLER STRIDES (love it!) with Amanda, Abigail and Laura, it is so encouraging to work out with friends... especially when my baby had to come out of the stroller and go into the Bjorn...squats are so much harder that way! Then Brody, Tinley and Amelia played in the shade and we had lunch with Amanda & Abigail and their sweet girls! (It ended somewhat abruptly for nap time and the lunch rush at Zaxby's) And tonight I will see even more people I love at church.

I LOVE friends! Thank you to all my friends, even the ones who I haven't spent time with this week so you didn't get a shout out....I am also so grateful that my sweet boy is already growing up among friends with Christian parents and maybe one day we can laugh at all the pictures of them together and be grateful they are all still friends. We have a lot of fun times ahead.AND of course, my very best much fun as I have with all of my friends..I really love spending time with Ryan. He makes me laugh, I can be 100% me, we like the same things, and I cherish our time together more than anything!

****Hug a friend today, call one up, go on a walk with them, facebook them, pray for them often and thank God for them! ****

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  1. We had a great time today too! Apart from falling asleep on the way home...Amelia did not fall asleep until about 2:00!! I look forward to Amelia, Brody, and Tinley growing up together...and me gaining great friends in the process.