Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dollywood, Biltmore, and Bears..Oh My!

We got home yesterday from our first family vacation to Gatlinburg. It was a great week with Ryan's family and we got to experience some fun things with our baby! Brody couldn't have been any better for us, he even slept late every day as if he knew we were on vacation. We left Sunday morning and Brody was AMAZING in his car seat..he slept and then just played, and if you've ever been in the car with our baby, you know this is a miracle.
 Brody playing with his giraffe on the way there.

Trip recap:
Monday, we went to Dollywood. The weather was great and since we had 5 adults and little man, it worked out perfectly for 4 of us to ride a ride and the other one (usually Papa) to hang out with Brody. Ryan and I had only been to an amusement park together one other time for about an hour. We went to Knot's Berry Farm in California and for some reason Ryan got a little motion sick (probably all the french toast he ate right before) and we left pretty early into the day. So, we had fun acting like kids running up steps to ride in the front of the ride together. At the end of the day we went in a gift shop and Ryan bought Brody a stuffed owl. Amazingly it's the first toy that Ryan has brought Brody...we have been given so many things we just haven't even had to buy much stuff.

Tuesday-I got to see the Biltmore for the first time! It was amazing and I loved it. Once again perfect weather and a perfect baby. I carried him in the Bjorn the whole time and he fell asleep or just looked around for a couple hours while we toured it. I even got to use the audio tour and it wasn't too much trouble. 

Wednesday-Pancake pantry, sweet potato pancakes and no waiting in line! Then we went to the outlets with a few goals...this was Brody's least favorite place but he was pretty good! Papa took him back to the cabin so we could do some shopping. That night we went to eat and to the Christmas store...his grandparents dressed him that adorable!
Our little park ranger with his Bibi and Papa!

Uncle Ross and Brody

Just drinking my bottle by the Christmas tree

Thursday we went to the aquarium..and Brody LOVED looking at the fishies swimming in the tanks. 

On Thursday night we were heading to eat at he apple barn and as we were driving down the road I was looking in the trees and saw this big black blob, and a man at the bottom of the tree taking pictures...Ryan turned the car around and we stopped and got out to see what it was...4 bears up in the tree!!! A mama and 3 cubs...very cool!

These 3 Hysmiths had a great week! We feel so blessed to be able to go on trips and enjoy our time as a family. Memories are being made and I am living THE life. 

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