Monday, September 26, 2011

A shout out to Mommies!

I have been extremely blessed to have a lot of mommy friends! I love talking to other women about their experiences and just laughing and sharing our concerns with one another. I have seen amazing strength in these ladies and learned so much. It makes me feel so good to hear someone say, "you're such a good mommy," or " You guys are doing a great job with him.." that I want to tell all those mamas out here..yes you..that you inspire me and I think you are great!

There are several types of moms out there that I want to highlight:

Those who want to be mothers desperately-I have friends who are trying so hard to get pregnant and I know it is so frustrating, disappointing and confusing for you right now. I can't fully understand your pain but I can only imagine how you feel. I pray for you...and will continue to because I have seen how this particular prayer works and I don't think it was a one time deal. Along with this..those working on adoptions right heart goes out to you and I pray for you too! You have so much love for a baby that belongs in your home and in your family and the process is probably killing you! What a blessed child he/she is to have you endure!

Pregnant mommies-This is a hard time because sometimes you aren't included in this category but you are a MOM! You love a little person you haven't met yet and it is the hardest thing ever to wait on..that day you get to meet them and hold them and kiss them. You carefully consider every move you make and every bite you take..will this hurt my baby? No, you're have created a wonderful home for baby!

The moms of newborns-never will you feel so much joy and terror at the same time! Even if mothering comes naturally to you and your baby is perfect, you still can't help but check to make sure they're still breathing after they've been quiet a little while or worry if they're cold, hot, hungry, sad..whatever! So even if you feel like you aren' are doing a great job and your baby loves you!

The moms of lots of little ones-I look to you to see if you are still surviving..See,  I want lots of kiddos and I kind of want them to be close in age...someone tell me its a good idea, please! But you mamas with more than one baby, or moms of twins (yikes) I salute you, you're doing great!

Moms with sick babies/children-Prayer never has meant so much to me as when Brody was giving us a little scare! To see your baby with IVs and wires and all that is SO SCARY! It takes the strength that only God can give us to make it through...I have friends whose babies have been in the NICU, were in the hospital, had surgeries, were having scary pregnancies..and they came through like warriors! 

Moms of teenagers-Are they mature enough to make decisions? Will they be a safe driver? What are those other kids into? Dating? No thank you! I can't imagine the things that you worry about and pray about constantly...But you have done what you were supposed to since they were itty bitty so they will do great in this big world! 

Moms who have had to say goodbye-The strength you have is something I can't even fathom, I love you and pray for you women often. 

Moms of Moms-What would I do without my mommy? Even though she is not in town, she pretty much helps me everyday...I love her and I know she loves my sweet baby so much! Thank you to all your moms who have helped us out so much!

I am thinking of so many people I know! I love you! Please share with your mommy friends!

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