Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dilemmas in the work place...

  My work place just happens to be my home, or in the car, church, the mall, the park...wherever my child happens to be I'm working. :) Did I mention it is THE best job in the world? Well lately I am having a dilemma and unfortunately sometimes, I'm the boss of this place and I have to make some decisions. The question keep swaddling or not? And if in the world do I get my sweet baby to sleep for more than 45 minutes in the day UNswaddled and more than a few hours at night UNswaddled?

  Brody LOVES being swaddled. When we lay him down at night to wrap him up he gets so happy and then he takes a bottle, nurses, or sucks on his paci for like 2 minutes and falls asleep. Sounds like a no brainer..swaddle that kid up tight right? Well he learned a new trick the other day..rolling from back to tummy while swaddled. I don't think I can even do that. He can't roll over when he isn't swaddled, but when that arm is tucked down..there he goes. So a few nights ago he kept waking up because he was face down and it scared me! So we tried to quit swaddling cold worked for half a night. The next two nights and days were fun. Brody would fall asleep, we lay him down and that startle reflex kicks in and he starts flailing good naps...not a lot of long stretches in the night...yada yada yada.

  Ryan suggests swaddling with one arm out two days ago. I kept trying to get him to sleep in his sleep sack, read a million blog posts about how to wean your child off swaddling, kept telling Ryan we needed to break him of it anyway..also kept hitting Ryan in the middle of the night to go put Brody back to sleep..tried all I could think of and read about...

  So end result..Brody is swaddled tightly in his arm out. The left one, because Ryan hopes he will be left handed. I sometimes forget that I have someone else working for this Think Tank of parenting. So, here's hoping that Brody sleeps well with only one arm to whack himself with and that the new bigger swaddle blanket will keep him from rolling over.


  1. Do you have one of those sleep positioners? It really helps Landon. Just a thought:)

  2. I also used the sleep positioner for like 5-6 months with Amelia. I loved it...and I would kinda lay her on her side in the positioner with just the bottom half of her swaddled. They say those positioners aren't safe but I didn't have it anywhere near her head. Just used it to keep her on her side. She never slept fully on her back.