Sunday, October 2, 2011

Team Hysmith

 Ryan and I always try to work as a team with our baby..and sometimes the whole team is needed. You would think with a baby 1 on 1 would work, but sometimes 2 on 1 is say you have to change everything that has touched your baby in the middle of the night..twice, or throw clothes in the washer at 4 o clock in the morning...or get a diaper on before all that stuff goes somewhere else...or leave worship twice and then go sit in the car during Bible class and wonder that if the car is gone when Ryan gets out of class will he figure out that we just left and can he find a ride? You would also think that 2 adults and one diaper bag full of everything we own would equal one pacifier for church..nope. 

Team Hysmith is working hard..and thankfully in this game of parenting there is no winning! It's just an ongoing game with lots of laughs..lots and lots of laughs, because let's face it...being sleep deprived makes things funnier. We improve every day because we learn a little every day and a lot of the time, we're just throwing hail Mary passes to see if it will work. 

Here are a few things that work for our team:
  • When I am feeding, rocking, or doing anything with Brody and need Ryan, I always whistle this one little whistle to get his attention...he comes running, that way you don't have to yell and startle Brody.
  • Every night Ryan washes the bottles and pacis while I get ready for bed
  • I rock Brody to sleep and Ryan prays with us every night
  • I carry Brody into church and Ryan carries the diaper church he usually just hands me things from the bag of tricks
  • Ryan almost always does the dishes and often helps cook and sometimes does it all
  • Ryan dresses Brody on Sunday mornings
  • Ryan buys muffins at Fresh Market every week and makes our coffee each night to brew the next morning
  • Ryan likes to "assist" on diaper changes..he gets the wipes out. 
  • I write this blog and Ryan makes fun of me for it.
  • I stay home with Brody and Ryan works very hard to provide for us!
We are doing pretty good...couldn't do it without him! 

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