Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things I've learned from my fave TV shows...

We got cable just after Brody was born. We had not had cable or DVR until that point. I am at home a lot, so I just record a lot of shows and enjoy watching them when I get a break in the day or with Ryan at night. Here are some of the shows I regularly watch.

19 Kids and Counting-It can be just as much fun to watch people who are serving God and following the Bible as it is to watch people who are doing...well...the opposite of that. I LOVE the Duggar family.They.Are.My.Favorite.

The Amazing Race-People are generally terrible at reading ALL of the instructions. When Ryan and I are grandparents..we are going to be adventurous.

The Sing Off-Bruno Mars apparently has like a million hit songs and they sound really good acapella, Ben Folds knows a ton about music, I love dorky college guys.

The Wonder Years-The 70s was a great time for music and clothes. It was really hard to be a teenager. So happy I survived those years. Also..I wish I had a voice over of an older me talking the younger me through some of the rough times. Once again..Kevin him!

Terra Nova- I need to acquire a few more marketable skills so that if the Earth is unlivable in a few years I will be recruited to go back in time to start a new world. And I'm glad I wasn't one of the people who lived with dinosaurs a few thousand (not millions) of years ago. The universe is young folks! And I'm pretty sure my husband would LOVE to be recruited as "security" for Terra Nova.

Grey's Anatomy-"Post it note" weddings really do mean commitment to some people. Thank you writers of Grey's for giving us a glimpse of making marriage work for once!

Revenge-With a lot of money you can pretty much make anything happen. Do real people really "summer" at the Hamptons? And Daniel Grayson was on Make It or Break It...did you notice that Abigail and Amanda? We didn't talk about that!

Parenthood-Even though I have made it past the "growing up" stages of my life..I'm not done with them. When Brody (and any other kiddos) have a fight with a friend and get their feelings hurt..I will hurt too. When they get made fun of...gonna be mad at that kid....and when they get their heart broken for the first time...and every time after that...mine will break too. This raising an infant thing is the easy part..his happiness is pretty much dependent on me right now and usually, I can trust me. One day though..he is going to be exposed to this big ole world and my sweet Brody will get hurt..and its going to hurt. I pray that we can always create a safe haven in our home to make it a little easier on him.

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  1. Amanda and I have talked about how he was on Make It or Break It....I had to look him up the first time I saw Revenge...couldn't remember where I had seen him before :)