Thursday, October 20, 2011

Silly mommy..

Lately, I have been observing some of the things I do to make Brody (or let's face happy. All baby lovers kind of act ridiculous around babies to make them laugh or smile...but I spend a lot of time alone with my son and things can sometimes get very silly or I will waste a lot of time, or go out of my way, or pretty much do ANYTHING to get my baby to sleep sometimes or just to be happy.

Some of my latest happenings:

  • Brody fell asleep in the car at about 11:00 one morning after Stroller Strides, I needed to grocery shop but he needed a nap...I turned my white noise app on my phone, put it in Brody's car seat, went through the Chick Fil A drive through..ate my lunch and sat in the Kroger parking lot for an hour while he slept.
  • Yesterday, Brody slept in his room, with the lights out, sound machine his car seat.. for 2 hours
  • Brody has a sea horse that plays lullaby music that he likes..yesterday at Stroller Strides it was in his stroller with him on repeat..for an hour..I just kept squeezing it because he was happy. :)
  • Also at my workout class..I did squats while feeding him a bottle...anything to keep burning those calories!
  • If I say one thing that makes Brody smile I just keep repeating it in all different tunes to make him happy.
  • I often drive down the road with my right arm stretched to the back to hold in a paci or feed him a bottle.
  • I went to bed with a stomach ache for several nights because I stressed out about Brody being swaddled and rolling over...we have gotten rid of the SwaddleMe..thank you very much.
  • Listening to my voice on ANY video of Brody is insane.
  • I dryed my hair one day while holding him and put on my make up.
  • Once I took him into the grocery store in his car seat..put it down into the big part of the cart (yes, where all my groceries should have gone) and when he got upset..luckily I had my carrier so I strapped him onto me and pushed around an empty car seat and squished my groceries all around it..that is the ONLY day I ever said.."Yes, Please" when they asked if I wanted help out.
Whatever works right? 

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