Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Okay, I'm not the first mom to say this but..I enjoyed Holidays before I had a baby..but now..they are SO much fun! Maybe it's because I get to dress Brody in cut outfits, or see him look at decorations, or I just have an excuse to do fun things with him. But I think it is mainly because EVERYTHING I do means so much more to me now than ever before. I LOVE my little family.

This has been a great and busy month for us:
Ryan started a new job and is doing so great at it. He is still studying for the CPA and trying to spend as much time with us as he can. He is a great provider, husband, daddy, and friend. Thanks Ryan, we love you!
First day of work!

Brody had his 4 month check up at the beginning of the month. After that visit we quit swaddling cold turkey and have been letting Brody learn to put himself to sleep a little bit. He has done great! We can lay him down for a nap or bed and he will cry a few minutes and then fall asleep. And, even though I was skeptical..he is not mad at me when he wakes up. We have NOT however started solid foods..I'm just not ready QUITE yet. And we are NOT sleeping through the night. :( Any advice is welcome.

We went to Henderson for a visit and Brody got to play on the land. He rode a 4 wheeler and just rolled around on a blanket. And this was the first time we've had to bundle Brody up. He was born when it was hot outside and now I have to make sure he is warm enough and make sure no one gives me those looks or says..I think he's too cold.

My Birthday!! I am 26 years old now! My sweet husband arranged a great night with friends to see WICKED (amazing!) while my parents kept Brody and then spent my birthday with me the next day. We had a lot of fun and I am so thankful to everyone who made it special! And then his other grandparents got to keep him when we went to celebrate Courtney's birthday..which was the best meal of the month at Maggianos!

I've been able to see some friends I don't see a lot. Emma came over and made me some yummy, healthy pancakes and the best bacon I've ever eaten! And we got to see our long lost friend Will and Sarah, they stayed with us this past weekend and Brody LOVED seeing them.

The Big Singing at Crieve Hall..although we aren't in a season of life to be able to stay until they quit late in the night, we had a great time singing praises and being among our church family. Brody was a good boy the whole time we sang.

Trunk or Treat...I have the cutest little Mickey Mouse EVER! I had so much fun seeing all my friends and their kiddos dressed up. Halloween is one of the best times to be a parent. When I was a little girl I loved dressing up my baby dolls all the time..this is so much better than that.

October is one of my favorite months, and this one is probably the best October on record. Brody is 5 months old TODAY and I cannot believe it. Time is flying and things are just getting better and better.

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