Wednesday, November 2, 2011

God's gifts to us

As I was at Stroller Strides and then driving home today I was nearly overwhelmed by this gorgeous day! The leaves are incredible, there are so many bright colors and it doesn't hurt anything that the weather is PERFECT. I wanted to pull over and take a picture of every tree I saw. I'm not sure why I ever chose anything other than Autumn as my favorite season.

The day was so nice that I (once again) went to the Chick Fil A drive through and then just sat in a parking lot with the windows down and ate while Brody slept. While I was having this little "mommy time out" I got to thinking..God did not have to give us such a beautiful place to live. While I do not think that our only purpose here on earth is to be happy..I know God gave us many things to enjoy and  they show that He knows us so well.

  • He gave us seasons because we get bored with having the same old thing all the time. And there is something so special about each season..they serve a purpose and we get to enjoy them. I LOVE seeing the beauty that God created for us. That is one reason I enjoy being outdoors so much. 
  • God gave us music and singing because it brings out emotions in us and helps us express ourselves...yes we sing praises to God, but how much do we love music and singing? My favorite times are when I am among other Christians and we just SING..I love singing nights and the Big Singing at Crieve Hall, and in college..Clayton Chapel singings or just campus me chills to think about the singing in Heaven. And God gave many people (not me) the talent to sing and play music for us to enjoy. 
  • And God gave us a laugh and a smile to express of my favorite sounds in the world is Brody's laugh. It tells me he is happy and feeling good. What a gift to hear that sound and to be able to laugh myself..I love laughing. 
These little gifts are my favorite things to do with Brody..enjoy the outdoors and God's creation, sing to him, and laugh with him. 

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