Monday, January 30, 2012

Finally-an excuse free Monday!

  Okay, so for the past few weeks I have spent most days inside of this house doing nothing but playing with my sweet boy and thinking about all of the things I should be doing, not doing them, but wishing they were done. Let me tell you something, its a deep dark spiral when you choose to do nothing productive and not even step foot outside of your house. I was getting the Winter doldrums and it doesn't even feel like winter outside. You see, Brody was a little congested last week and was running a fever for a few days. So I took that as my cue to quarantine us. I was taking naps while Brody was napping and staying up late reading then I started a vicious cycle and even slept through my Bible study that I was very much looking forward to last week.

  Even though we are home bodies and we love our home and I love playing with Brody so even when I've done has been a special day because I got to spend time with my precious family..I realized that interaction with people and getting out and doing things are a MUST for us. Exercise is great for the mood and if you're doing group exercises or walking with a friend...bonus, kill two birds with one stone. (Does anyone have a phrase that means the same thing but isn't so can we say bake two cakes with one oven or something instead?)

So-this morning, Brody and I finally went to stroller strides on a Monday at Lipscomb at 8:30!! We are going to the store later and I slept 8 hours the past 2 nights.

  RECAP-Mommy lesson # 189-television and book characters do not count as friends. Watching people exercise or repinning other people's work out tips on Pinterest does not count either. Stepping one foot outside to put food in a dog bowl doesn't equal outdoor time. If you haven't put shoes on in 3 days, there is something wrong. The mommy naps aren't as necessary when your child is finally sleeping through the night. Opening the blinds is an immediate mood booster. Get a calendar to write things down, repeating things out loud to your husband doesn't mean you will remember to do them. :)

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