Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for SO much!

I have not been updating my Facebook status each day with what I am thankful for. Not because I don't think it's a great idea, but because I didn't catch on until a few days after the 1st and so I never caught up and joined in on the fun. So here is my list..I love lists by the way!
  • Being a Christian-there is A LOT of bad in this world and its really hard to wrap your head around WHY? Especially on some of the really tough issues..but as a Christian..we know that this isn't it..we have a goal to press on towards and all that happens on this Earth are merely bumps, hills, or MOUNTAINS...really tall, scary, cold, dark, pretty much tortuous overcome until we get to go to heaven. 
  • I've only had to walk over a few hills at this point in my life..I am SO blessed. But those of you who are climbing mountains..I see your strength and it's helping me train.
  • My husband is my favorite person-this covers all things to do with how great he is for about a bajillion reasons..seriously..he's everything God knew I needed/wanted/
  • I have a healthy child
  • I have a warm/dry house today
  • I have a lot of great friends who encourage me in all the areas of life that I need encouragement and they're just a lot of fun!
  • We have a great and reliable vehicle that we feel proud of and think we got a good deal's a kia sorento if you need any car advice
  • I am part of a loving and caring family of God-Crieve Hall Church of Christ is a great place to call home..if you're looking for a church :)
  • Brody has 4 grandparents who ADORE him 
  • I can't say this enough..but I am so thankful that I get to stay at home with my baby!!!
  • Stroller Strides..thanks Andrea (again) you sure whipped me into shape today
  • That sweet little cry I just heard from B's room and the smile I'm gonna get when I go see him...which is where this list ends..for now

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