Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things sure change!

To say that having a baby changes things is the understatement of the century. My life is very different than it used to be. Some people don't like change...but I am LOVING this change.

Things I do less:
  • Sleep (DUH!) But I know this is a short season in my life. Nothing makes you feel like a mom of a little baby like being sleep deprived. I mean, I am definitely a member of the mommy club.
  • Eat-Like this morning I fixed my breakfast and then Brody decided he was still hungry so my oatmeal got cold and he had a full belly. Sometimes I realize its 2:00 and I think..I haven't eaten lunch and didn't really eat breakfast.
  • Shop (Good for our bank account)-Brody mainly likes to be worn..in a baby carrier when I am grocery shopping so this doesn't transfer well to clothes shopping. The time I was at the mall with just Brody trying on clothes I put them all on over my clothes in the middle of the store and bought 3 shirts that are kinda too big. 
  • Talk on the phone while driving (Which is also good!). Brody has not always been a fan of his car seat so he is usually screaming when I am in the car. 
  • Care what people think about me or getting stuff-I'm simply just too busy to compare my life to others..and since I love my life, I think I'd come out on top. :)
  • Judge people, especially other moms-I don't know your baby and what works best for him/her and you don't know mine!
  • Sit through a worship service-we are doing better, but sometimes it's just not possible. I think it's good that we show up and try our best though! We may get up and come in a lot, but we are trying to teach Brody something.
Things I do more:
  • Make up weird songs and nicknames-I just went and got Brody up from a nap and called him "Pumpkin Pooty" 
  • Exercise-I joined STROLLER STRIDES (the best idea ever) and it makes me get out and have a great workout, be with friends, and enjoy the outdoors. We didn't have a very good gym before Brody was born. 
  • Make friends- it is so easy to make friends with other mommies..I love talking to other moms or moms to be.
  • Feel content-what more could I really ask for? 
  • Tell other moms they are doing a good job. It's nice to hear!
  • Worry-is he breathing? is it too cold out here? is he eating enough? did that hurt him when he just face planted on the floor? how many ounces should I make this bottle? 
  • I am sure there are a million more things..but one thing I do more often is forget things..so that's all.

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