Monday, December 3, 2012

December Third and PJ project update!

How 'bout this amazing weather? I usually don't like unseasonably warm days during the Christmas season but now that I have a little boy I will thank God for ANY opportunity to get out and play. Brody and I had a fabulous time at the park with one of my girlfriends and her little man! I had to keep shaking Brody's foot on the way home to keep him awake so that we wouldn't waste our nap on the last 3 minutes of the trip home. He promptly took a nap and I worked on our Act of Kindness for today!
I was excited about this one! Our mail man is always so sweet and Brody loves to wave at him and get the mail from him. One of Brody's first words beyond mama, dada, and bye bye was "mail man". So of course..we love the mail man!
This cookie dough is ridiculously yummy and its safe to eat because there are no eggs in this recipe. 

I watched the mail man out the window and I think he looked surprised and maybe a little confused. And yes I realize that most of you wouldn't eat something from someone's house that you didn't know..but people used to do things like that all the time...maybe he's old school. 

I have been overwhelmed by the support that I have had with my PJ project and am so excited to take them to the Rescue Mission later this month. I got a list of the children and their sizes today so I can share some areas of need with you if you would like to help!There were almost 50 children on the list and there is a chance there could be more! Remember...just leave a comment/facebook/e-mail me @

I really need adult sizes of pajamas for the teenage boys and girls!! XS girls, Small, medium, large, X Large and XXL!! All sizes for boys and girls!! 
Also-size small child for boys and girls
size medium for child-girls
9 month for boy and girl
2T for girls

Multiples in all of the sizes would be great :) THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!!!! I know the children will love their new comfy jammies!!!! 

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