Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Second

Today's Random Act of Kindness was a pretty small, simple one.
Very small gesture and it didn't cost me much- just some quarters! The only problem was that when we went to Target today we forgot about it so after we put Brody to bed I decided to go on a little drive and find a vending machine of some kind. All of the places I drove past did not have drink machines outside or anything so I went to Publix and saw an ice machine. :) It had a change slot so I went for it! I felt like I was playing a prank or something because I was rushing around and almost giggled when I thought someone was looking at me.
I was hoping no one would see me and think I was crazy. I have no idea who will benefit from this small little act but I hope it makes someone smile. It won't change a life or anything but MAYBE it will encourage someone to "pass it on." And if kindness could spread as rapidly as germs during flu season..well, then the world would be a better place!! 

If you have any great ideas for ways to show kindness in a small or big way...please share! I am thinking this month will just kick start a great year of being kinder for our family. :) Can't wait till tomorrow!

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