Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Fourth

It's a yucky day. Yesterday was beautiful but today is a little dreary. However it was a PERFECT morning to spread a little cheer at the library.
This one was strategically placed because we usually either go to story time on Tuesday or Wednesday. I stuck it in a Tuesday JUST in case we didn't make it to story time today, we could at least make the treats for tomorrow. However..the rain encouraged us to go to story time this morning so that we could get out of the house. If you have a toddler-or maybe just any aged child-you know the blessing of getting out of the house for something fun. Especially something FREE and fun! 
I honestly LOVE the library and all of the wonderful people who work there. It is such a special treat for us each week and I wanted to let them know how much we appreciate them! 

I love a parking garage on a rainy day! 

 Puppets, juggling, stories, songs, rainbows..what could be more fun? 
And a craft! Brody's first time painting! He painted 2 mittens, one to take home and one to leave at the library to go on their Christmas tree.
Art school? That's what I'm thinking, look at those brush strokes. 

He loves books!! Unfortunately we had to make an abrupt exit from the play area when someone "forgot" how to share. There was a bucket of puppets and some sort of tug-o-war with a stranger involved, and then a short wrestling match. I won, don't worry. 

I dropped off the bucket of treats with the sweet man at the children's desk before story time. He was SO sweet and grateful and said he would make sure to spread the word. He seems a little surprised but in a good way. I actually heard a maintenance man asking him what it was and the librarian told him, "It says all library staff.." So I hope whoever wanted a cookie got one. :) 

As we were leaving another lady who works in the library was asking Brody if he went to story time, who all was there today, etc (the puppet mishap was forgotten) and she told us she hoped we came back often. I let her know we came almost every week and loved it! She said that she used to bring her children every week when they were little too. I'm glad we had the chance to tell her that we love the library, she seemed happy to hear it. 

Today's kindness act was really rewarding, and probably one of those things I would have thought about doing and never followed through with. So I am glad I wrote it down! And yes-my child is wearing shorts. 

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