Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project Pajamas Needs YOU!

Whether your Christmas tree is up and you've been rocking out to Bing Crosby for months, or you are a die hard "no tinsel till after the Turkey" kind of are probably fully aware that the Christmas season is upon us.

Anyone you ask probably has a different Christmas tradition that they love. Some of them may be big extravagant traditions like boot prints on the fireplace and climbing on the roof to jingle some bells in the middle of the night. Or it may be popping in Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas and making some Swiss Miss. I don't know-perhaps this year you are going to implement a new Pinterest craft every single day. Oh that Pinterest...I remember making snowmen out of plastic spoons with our neighbors when I was little and I thought that was awesome. (And no-I am not a hater, my Christmas board is one of my most crowded boards.)

Whatever your Christmas plans/traditions/seasonal goals may be....I have something that NEEDS YOUR HELP!! 

One thing that many people like about Christmas is getting new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve. Not that big of a thing-but a sweet memory. 

Did you know that there are over 50 kids at the Nashville Rescue Mission? Did you know they range from infancy to 17? Well if you didn' you do. 

Ryan and I volunteered with Ordinary Hero at the Franklin Pumpkinfest for their Halloween Outreach with the rescue mission kids. The lady who started Ordinary Hero had the idea one year to do something fun for the kids for Halloween and a tradition started. This outreach opportunity encouraged me to think of something we could do to make Christmas a little more special for them. Thus began...PROJECT PAJAMA! 

I e-mailed someone at the NRM and asked her if this idea was possible/a good idea. She said YES-Great idea...she knows there will probably be around 50+ children staying there at the time. (This changes often) But she thought that the same group that was there around Thanksgiving would still be there around Christmas.  I told her I would try to collect various sizes and some extras so that everyone could have a pair that fits. She is planning to be able to give me more details on number/ages/sizes next week.

But here is my plan for now......Collect as many NEW pairs of pajamas as I possibly can!!! This is where you come in!!!!!!! 
  • Please purchase any sizes or styles of pajamas that you want ranging from baby to 17 year old-boy and girl!! They do not have to be Christmas themed, but can be. 
  • Spread the word to friends to do the same thing! 
  • Bring them to me at any service at Crieve Hall Church of Christ OR
  • Contact me via email and I will come and get them from you or you can bring them by my house OR
  • If you live out of town-you can mail them to me OR
  • If you order online you can ship them to my house-just email me @ 
  • Be waiting for an update on the inventory that is coming in and what they need at the Rescue Mission
  • Pray for the homeless families all over our country and about ways we can help them! 
They plan to give the children the new PJs on Christmas Eve! What a special thing (though it is small) for kids who don't have much! My prayer is that this small gesture will help the families to know that Jesus loves them so much-because we will be serving these families only in the name of Jesus because we are blessed! 

Let's make Christmas a little cozier for these kiddos!!! And..stay tuned for something I am hoping to do for the women at the Nashville Rescue Mission. We cannot do this without you-please consider being a part of this special project!! 

I want to set a goal but I am not sure what a good number to shoot for many can we collect? If you want to commit please comment and if you want-follow my blog!!!!! 


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  1. Hey Abby! I would love to help. If you can send me a message with your address, I will just order some online and have them shipped directly to you. My email is Thanks for doing this! What a sweet heart you have!