Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday. November is also National Adoption Awareness Month. So I have a few thoughts...

This morning around 4:30 my precious little Brody woke up. His PJ's were wet and his nose is super stuffed up and he has all this congestion in his chest and you can't really explain to a 1 year old how to cough and clear his throat. Needless to say-he was sad. Ryan and I both got up and Ry changed Brody's jammies and we got him some milk and I just rocked him while Ryan changed the sheets. I love my son so much that it makes me melt when he cuddles me and hurts my heart when he feels bad in any way. My mommy heart is often an achy melty mess. Brody is such a special little boy and we are extremely blessed to be his parents.

While I was enjoying the moment of snuggling with Brody and hoping he would feel better soon I couldn't help but think that there are MILLIONS of children all around the world and right around the corner who DON'T have someone to rock them when they are sick. They don't have a clean dry pair of pajamas if they wet theirs. This fact absolutely breaks my heart. All children deserve a mommy and a daddy. Babies deserve full bellies and play time and children need to be able to go to school.

Our hearts ache to know more about our two little ones who will at some point be orphaned. We pray that God can give them peace in their hearts to know that it isn't forever. We also feel so sad knowing that there are so many children out there who will not lose their orphan status. The best thing is to have a mommy and daddy who love you and will care for you always.

I don't know about God's calling for you. But as Christians we are all called to help those less fortunate- particularly orphans.

The good news is-there are a lot of things being done to help orphans. All around the world people are doing  all kinds of bold things and all kinds of small things.

Maybe you are already doing something. Maybe you are already doing A LOT. Thank you for your example and your heart. Sometimes we know we should do something we just don't know what. So here are some ideas...

I ask you to PLEASE pray and ask God what YOU can do to serve an orphan. Here are some ways that you can DIRECTLY help an orphan. Show Hope is an awesome organization that you can support in different ways. 91% of your donation will go to orphan care or to aid families with adoption. Your monthly donation would go to giving life changing care to an orphan who stays in one of Show Hope's care centers. Sponsoring a child through World Vision is a little different. These children may not be orphans but your sponsorship could very well keep them from becoming one. If there school is paid for and they have basic needs met-it really takes the burden off of their parents who so desperately want to provide for them and do not have a way to do so. Many times when parents are unable to feed their child or send them to school they relinquish parental rights or worse-sell them as a slave.

Visit my  link to on the side of my blog. There are some great Christmas gifts there and 1. It will help raise awareness to the orphan crisis and you can learn a lot more about the organization and the work they are doing. 2. It will help our adoption efforts 3. Even if you don't want to purchase through our link-just check it out-your purchase will help children in need all around the world!

Our hearts are really aching for children that we know NOTHING about. We are passionate about children in need of families and care and we want to be more involved in whatever little part we can. We want to encourage others to care for orphans and take a new step and leap of faith each day to learn more and do more. God has blessed us so much and I can't imagine not being a child of His. What if someone hadn't cared about me  when I was an "orphan" Boy do we have a LONG way to go to be the people that God wants us to be-and I'm sure we will never actually get there.

Our hearts and minds are open to more than just adoption-if anyone has encouragement or needs something-we are ready to get our hands dirty-literally and figuratively.

PRAY-PRAY-PRAY!!! Speak up for those who don't have a voice!

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