Friday, February 24, 2012

A Day to Remember

   Yesterday God gave the people of middle Tennessee (and many other areas) a wonderful gift. A PERFECT day in February. After a few weeks of sickness and being stuck inside, some rainy days, and a few days being outside and thinking, "If it were only a few degrees warmer...", yesterday was extremely welcome and appreciated.

  On Wednesday night many people were anticipating the glorious day to come and were making plans to do some fun outdoor activities and change up the normal routine. My friend Amanda and I made plans at church to go to the zoo, just hoping that our babies would nap at the same time Thursday morning and make it easy for us.

  To my delight, Brody woke up as happy as can be and we enjoyed the morning together. I fed him breakfast and then he played in his pack n play while I sat on the hardwood floor one foot away from it and ate my bran muffin and drank my coffee. (This is what works for us, he can still see and almost touch mommy and I can eat breakfast without chasing him around.) Brody began his 2 1/2 hour nap within about 20 minutes of Tinley's long nap and I was able to make Ryan lunch, eat my own lunch, get ready, do some laundry, and actually listen to what Ryan was saying to me when he came home to eat lunch. (By the way, the phrase "nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby" has an evolving meaning)

  When Brody woke up we headed out to the zoo to meet Amanda and Tinley where I flashed my zoo membership card for the 2nd time this week and just walked in like a really important person and felt good about it because my friend didn't have to pay either. We spent a couple hours at the zoo with two perfect babies and enjoyed pushing those perfect sweeties in the swings for like 45 minutes while we just talked. Now to me, this is one of the most perfect scenarios, watching your child having fun and smiling while you can carry on a conversation with a girlfriend and only have to stop occasionally to stop you kid from putting the swing in their mouth (both of them). :)

 When I got home, we were sure Ryan would be home just any minute so we waited outside on the porch swing (for an hour) and then got very excited when he pulled into the driveway. We quickly got to work on hanging Brody's swing on a tree branch in the backyard. I had witnessed first hand the calming effects of a swing and needed the option at my house, thankfully I had just bought one at a consignment sale. All it needed was some new rope and a master plan on threading the new rope through and tossing it over the 15 foot high branch. With 100 feet of rope, a little "discussion", doubtful looks, almost breaking a bike helmet, some cutting, tying a weight to one end and tossing it over a tree branch, a lot of me sticking my tongue out while concentrating really hard, a tree pruner on a 6 foot stick,some scotch tape, tweezers, a nap, some playing fetch, and a blow torch..we have a pretty wobbly but safe (we think) airplane swing in the back yard. (To be continued...)

  To end the night, Ryan made breakfast for dinner, Brody took a bath..and I LOVE bath time, it's seriously one of my favorite parts of the day, a little relaxing, TV watching, and reading, lights out came at a reasonable time, and I closed my eyes thinking..these are the days I hope I remember. We didn't spend any money, or eat anything amazing, or do anything spectacular,I wasn't wearing my favorite clothes and I didn't even shower until 7:30 pm. But it was a perfect day.

(pictures to follow)

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  1. It was a pretty perfect day for us too, Abby! Thanks for going with us! And on my way home from the zoo, it crossed my mind that we had so much fun and .... didn't spend any money either! A great feeling! Thanks for spending part of your day with us!