Saturday, March 17, 2012

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I feel like my mind has no general direction or destination in mind, it simply wanders aimlessly from thought to thought..especially..when I have no one but my baby to talk to during the day. Sometimes I think I should get a twitter account so I can share these one liners or random ideas and comments, but I don't actually understand twitter.

So, here's what I've got...

Praise the Lord we broke our little pattern of visiting the pediatrician every other Saturday with ear infections! It is so wonderful to see my little man back to his happy and very busy self.  Watching your baby being sick is no fun and my heart REALLY goes out to those who have chronically ill children that never really want to play and also to the sweet babies in places where a Dr. visit and some antibiotics is just not possible. Thank you thank you thank you Lord for doctors and medicine and the blessing of being able to use them!!!

If Brody ever goes on The Voice..I won't be able to bare watching him in the blind auditions or especially the battle round. It's just too hard for me to watch and I cry way too often for people. Its just. too. much.

If you walk down our street selling something at a good price and it's a beautiful day outside, my husband will buy it from you. We canceled our cable about a month ago with AT&T and are now proud users of Comcast cable, internet, and a home phone (which we've NEVER had). Who needs an antenna?

I always said I wouldn't make my day revolve around my children's naps but when 2 good naps means sleeping through the  better believe I will give up on pretty much everything else there is to do.

Couples should decide if they are more concerned with their child making a mess in a restaurant or the child making noise...if you talk about this, along with a child's newest "eating tricks, like spitting" you will avoid having to give those looks to your husband that mean "get over it, he's being quiet, I will clean up the mess, he does that all the time and I don't know what to do about it.." Clearly I stand on the mess over noise side of the fence. :)

A clean house makes me extremely happy!

I'm a little obsessed with the show Downton Abbey and now I have watched all there is to offer on Netflix.

When you move your baby up a size in diapers finally..he will probably quit waking up  in the middle of the night with wet pajamas and sheets.

We live too close to Target for it to be good for the budget

We are proud new owners of a Costco membership. Once again, all someone had to say was "cash back" and my hubby upgraded our membership.

Brody loves to wash his hands, he loves bottles, also loves drinking water from a sippy cup (the straw kind especially), loves it when you come in and get him from his nap and jumps up and down in the bed, loves being outside as long as you don't make him touch the grass, and still LOVES swinging.

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