Monday, March 25, 2013

the life of Brody

So Brody is getting pretty close to 2. I used to blab about him all the time on this blog and realized that he isn't getting his name in print quite as much. Well, he's awesome so here you go.

(he's feeding Tigger)

I thought it was time for an update on Bro Bro, Broman, the Brodster, Brody Boo, Munchkinland, Stinker, Buddy, Lovie, the first born. Yeah, we call him all sorts of weird things. The only one I've regretted is when he had a really bad cold and I called him "booger nose". He brought me his saline nose spray DAYS later and said, "booger nose?" Oops.

So that's the main update -Brody talks.All.The.Time. He repeats pretty much anything he hears and usually strings some pretty rocking sentences together. :) Sometimes he even says, "Hey Dad?" or "Hey Mom?" as if he is 13. Those conversations usually go like this...

Hey Dad?
Yeah buddy, what is it?
Hey Dad?
Yes sir, what you got?
Hey Dad?
How can I help you Brody?
Hey Dad?
Hey Dad?
Tell me what you need Bro.
Hey Dad?
Uh huh?
Hey Dad?
At your service man, what is it?
Hey Dad?

In the past few days Brody has developed a SUPER high pitched voice.

Play Doh is awesome.

Naps are optional according to my kid. But he often practices his counting while in the bed NOT napping.

Brody is pretty polite most of the time.

Sometimes he cries for 30 minutes for no reason?

My favorite thing he says is, "hold you?" Which means "hold me."

We pretty much checked out at the end of February and beginning of March due to sickness. We did that last year. Double ear infections, cough, goopy eyes, the whole deal. Best thing about it was extra snuggles!

I gave Brody a home haircut, it's not awful.

Brody usually prays like this-"Jesus, Amen." If we remind him to say what he's thankful for he usually names a few people that he loves. It pretty much melts my heart!

He always wants to sing "wise man", "wheels on bus-go beep beep", "whole world" (he's got the whole world in His hands), and he can sing a lot of twinkle twinkle and Jesus loves me. Sometimes he requests Jesus loves children of the world.

Pretzels and hummus are still one of his favorites.

We have loved the days where we get to play outside. He is really good at climbing on the playground this year so we LOVE it!

We eat breakfast at his little play table almost every morning.

Sometimes you just need to wear a dragon robe and house shoes. The house shoes are pretty much a 24/7 in the house thing. Like, he slept in them last night, wore them all day and went to bed wearing them.

Some days we feel like awesome parents and then the Lord humbles us and we have a day where we feel like we have NO idea what we are doing. I LOVE as Brody's mommy. I am so blessed that God shared Brody with me. I am learning so much from him and through him.

I mean seriously, how'd I get to be this kid's mom?

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