Monday, February 25, 2013


Do you have a bucket list? I don't have an official one-but I have a mental list of some things that I'd really like to do before I, well..."kick the bucket." I should write one out because I love writing out my to-do lists just so I can cross things off. It feels so good. And here is one thing that feels really good to  be able to cross off....

  • run a half marathon
Yep-we did it. Ryan and I registered in December to run a half marathon in Chattanooga on February 23rd. We trained, we got outfitted, we made smoothies, we ran in the snow, the rain, the cold, the dark, and on the days we didn't feel like running. And now I am staring at my medal and race bib. And let me tell you something..I'm really proud of my wrinkled race bib and "participation medal". 

Here are some facts/stats on the race:
  • It started at 8:00 A.M. Eastern time, which is 7:00 to our bodies-we got up at 6:15ish (which felt more like 5:15ish) and I woke up a million times the night before. 
  • It was pretty warm for February and although we had brought many different options for race outfits my main issue was that I had been doing all my training with an ear warmer headband and hadn't trained with any other headbands.It was way too warm for the fleece headband. I had a small hair crisis. (It all worked out fine thanks to the lucky yellow hair band from a sweet friend and some bobby pins)
  • I ate oatmeal with peanut butter and chocolate chips for breakfast. 
  • Ryan-aka best husband ever-graciously offered to run at my snail pace rather than on his own just to make it more fun and encourage me. And so we could cross the finish line holding hands. Not joking-ladies, if you haven't found yourself a man yet-look for one who wants to cross the finish line holding hands. (literally and metaphorically) 
  • I thought a 10:00 minute pace would be a pretty good choice for me to try and stick with. We started out at a 9:15 pace (I feel like its virtually impossible not to get excited and try to get away from the mob and run too fast at the beginning of a race) Mile 12 took me 11:28-yes I was still "running", but barely. :)
  • I only told Ryan to shut up once. Sorry babe. That was somewhere around mile 12 and he told me to try and catch up with this lady who passed me. This is when I was in "one foot in front of the other mode."
  • We ran through the park where Ryan and I walked and rode bikes when we were engaged.
  • We passed the restaurant where we had our engagement dinner with our families. 
  • I poured a lot of water and Gatorade down my shirt. 
  • The first 8 1/2 miles were MUCH flatter than the last part of the race. 
  • We used sport jelly beans as our mid-race fuel-they're tasty.  
  • Neither myself or Ryan ever ran with music during our training or the race. 
  • I was SO SO SO glad to see that finish line and my parents and Brody clapping and yelling for us. 
  • I had a LOT of trouble walking for the rest of the day. 
  • I was emotional crossing the finish line but even more so afterwards, I just kept tearing up when I saw people crossing the finish line-especially when this little boy ran out to cross it with his daddy-I cried just typing that. 
  • Our official time was 2:15:19. No speed records there, but I'm super happy. 
  • My goals were to get to the starting line healthy and finish the race without stopping-check, check. 
  • Even though there were portions of the race that I was feeling really bad-I can't wait to sign up for another one!! 
  • As I was running I couldn't help but thank God for the strong body He gave me! I am so blessed to enjoy the health that I do-that's what kept me going. 
  • I ran this race because I was encouraged by friends who had done it-especially the ones who said "I wasn't a runner" because before November I had never run more than about 3 1/2 miles. EVER. And a few months later I ran 13.1!! So even if you think you can't do it-YOU CAN!!! 
  • I wonder what else I can accomplish that once seemed impossible? 

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