Monday, April 22, 2013

The move

Well we survived the big move! We said goodbye to our sweet house in Nashville and hugged our friends with a "see you soon" attitude. The loading of the truck was complete by 10:45, thanks to some really helpful and strong friends. Ryan drove the biggest Uhaul you can get an Brody and I drove in our van. We pulled into our new home with plenty of daylight left. Moving day wasn't very painful. Especially since we didn't even unload the truck that day! We stayed with Ryan's parents for 2 days while we got things settled. We had the truck unloaded by 1045 am the next day and quickly tried to make it into a home.

We have great neighbors, it's a great location, and I'm pretty sure this rental house is larger than our Nashville house so there is plenty of room!

Here are some things we've been up to since we got here...
-we went to makin music at FHU on Saturday night. Brody LOVED it!! He's been saying, "go makin Music again?"
Sorry buddy, it's gone till next year- "makin music gone?" He'll fit in at freed just fine! Being at Makin Music also made Ryan and I so excited to be a part of freed hardeman- it is such a special place!!

-we planted potatoes, asparagus, blueberry bushes, corn, watermelon and cantaloupe out at 'the farm!" Brody loved dropping potatoes in the holes and he tried to eat the corn , "my eat this?" We stayed out there until about 9, with Brody planting in the dark in the amazing weather one night! Loving country life!!

- my parents came to visit and we went to a park and to Chickasaw state park- so much fun at both throwing rocks into he lake and feeding ducks Cheerios

- Brody has been slightly crazy!! He skipped a lot of naps and stayed up late a bunch but he slept till almost 9 yesterday morning (church here is at 9:30 rather than 815 like we are used to!) and he took a 4 hour nap and we had to wake him up for evening worship- our Sunday night was much better than Sunday morning :) which may or may not have involved Brody and I going to the car for 30 minutes!! Ha- thanks for those who checked on us and made me feel better by letting me know that they'd been there too! Last night and today he's been awesome and happy and back to his old self!!

- we went back to Nashville and closed on our house very painlessly. We packed up the shed and all the random items we had left inside in the dark while Brody slept in the pack n play in his empty room... This was the most depressing part of moving!!! We also slept on a non-blown up air mattress in an empty room.

- then we went to Chattanooga to have a fun baby shower for the hortons and sweet baby Neely Jane!! It was so great to see old friends!!

- now we are in Henderson and we officially live here!! No strings attached anywhere else. This weekend we've had two great times spent with friends here in town and Brody is settling in!! He asked to go back to bible class about 100 times yesterday.

Thanks to those who have let us know we will be missed in Nashville and to those who have welcome us with open arms here in Henderson! God has blessed us with so many precious people.

Oh and we don't have the Internet or anything so I typed all this from my phone, so don't read too closely!

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