Monday, August 20, 2012


I already know this post is going to be all over the place. It's been quite a while since I typed out any of my thoughts, but oh have I had thoughts. :) If this doesn't make sense to you at all..sorry, please try to decode it as best you can and I will be back with some pictures of our adorable son soon.

Some things I have learned lately...

I love The Olympics-I was completely obsessed with the Olympics and Ryan and I both got twitter accounts so we could follow Olympians. I. LOVE. THE. OLYMPICS. I only cried like twice during each event (maybe just once during the 100 meter race). Oscar Pistorius..cannot contain my emotions about this man and his story. We're considering moving to GB to see if the accents rub off. My brother-in-law was spotted on the Today Show-Olympic version (yep, he was cool enough to actually go to the Olympics and even saw Michael Phelps become an Olympic legend). Sometimes (actually all the time) there are losers. Some people don't even finish their races-these were some of the hardest moments to watch. Working your whole life and then something goes wrong. hurts my heart. I am thankful for this verse..."I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7 There aren't many things that I could be best at in this world, so I am just going to try and finish this race with my faith.

God provides- I cannot even express how amazing God has been in providing what we need. We feel like He told us that we were supposed to pursue the adoption of TWO children and that He would provide the funds. Well, I can't really even tell you all the ways that God has provided but he has sent some amazing people into our lives. Laura Beth Lamb hosted a 31 party for us and just GAVE us all the money she would have made off of the party. This is part of her family's livelihood and she just GAVE it to to us. So many people placed orders and came to the party and even decided to host a party themselves that benefits US. All I had to do for this party was give her names of people to invite. THAT'S ALL. And we made almost $400 just because someone wanted to do something to support us. Oh and she lives in Indiana.

I had a friend just go buy my child a bunch of fall/winter clothes. She picked out amazing and sweet clothes that she knew I would love and that looked like Brody and when I asked her how much I owed her, she said..absolutely nothing..enjoy. Wow.

People have handed me cards and I was excited about the kind note of encouragement and when I realized they were giving us money, I of course..cried.

We've had friends donate a large amount of money to us when I know they have a lot going on themselves.

Women have given me their children's hand me downs.

We sold our furniture on Craigslist and the couple who bought our bed and large dresser gave us an extra $100 because we told them about our adoption plans.

I got a random phone call from a survey who wanted to ask me a few questions about vaccinating our child and if I did she'd send me $30...I got that check today.

We got a check from Blue Cross that was for something about something,..I don't know..but it was unexpected money.

We have sold t-shirts....which, by the way..are now becoming back in stock and there are NEW shirts available on the website, even more coming in soon. (Click the link on the side of this blog if you are interested)

I'm not trying to brag or reveal a lot of our financial business that some people may find to be private..but I want you to know that God provides! If you have ever dismissed the idea of adoption because of the money..please contact me! We aren't there yet but we KNOW that we can do it. I don't expect all the cash to just be handed to me. We are working really hard on saving and just not spending. But God is really taking care of us. Why am I shocked over these things?

We have some wonderful people in our lives-Now I'm going to be honest, there were times when we first began this journey that we weren't sure if we were in the right "circle" for adoption. We knew people would be sweet and excited but we weren't sure if we would feel like they "got it" or if we needed friends who had adopted also because we had that in common. OUR FRIENDS ARE AMAZING. They have been so supportive and helpful and loving and caring and wanting to ask about it and praying and doing so much more.... One time I read something that said something like this, your friends may not want to adopt just because you are adopting, and that's okay,  but they will want to help you and do anything they can for you, that is their part. This is going to be a LONG road and just because our sweet friends and family aren't headed this way doesn't mean they won't walk with us along the way. It means the world to us!!!! I'm sorry for my doubts or worries in the beginning...they don't say that adoption will help you grow for no reason. My eyes are opened to what other people are doing to open their hearts, minds, planners, and wallets for our children.  I love the friends I have, thank you for your support.

Patience is something you have to want in order to obtain-For a few weeks we were anxiously awaiting "The Ethiopia book". It is the instructions on how to complete the paperwork process and much more, from our agency. It needed some revising and the world does not revolve around us (so we hear) so, it took longer than we wanted it to for us to be e-mailed this important document.

I went to a pretty dark place for a while. I would check my e-mail 637 times a day and sink lower and lower each time I saw no e-mail. When Ryan would come home it became his fault that adoption takes a long time and I refused to leave my house because of the Olympics so I was in a black hole for a couple weeks.

People..this is not good. I wasn't trying to be patient. I was trying to make the e-mail appear in my inbox by checking it without ceasing. I think I should have been doing something else without ceasing..praying for our children. Praying for our marriage. Praying for Brody. Praying for our case worker and his family and be thankful for the work he does. Praying for those who are seriously hurting and sick.

I've got to get a different strategy because I don't even know WAITING yet. I can't imagine what it will be to wait when I actually have pictures and names to wait on..

From now on, I don't want to be crazy. Sure, I will have some hard times..but not because I choose to wallow in the waiting. I'll do better..and please, occasionally, force me to leave my home.

I always tell Brody that patience is waiting nicely, even when its hard. I will be trying to wait more nicely in the future.

BY THE WAY-We did get the Ethiopia Book! I was standing on the beach and checked my e-mail (gotta love a smart phone) and I jumped on Ryan's foot, he scowled at me and then we hugged!! So we are working on that now!! Hopefully we can have everything finished and our ducks in a row in a couple weeks! I had to order a new passport and some other documents that will take a little bit. But please pray for all of this to go smoothly!

I've got a great husband- He listens to me. He strives to make me happy. Sometimes I am difficult. He leads our family in the way that is right with God as his compass. He has compassion for others and is such a good daddy! I know he will be so good with our other children. Ryan is my best friend.

I've got a problem and it's called the Christie Cookie Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie. Worth. Every. Calorie. And then some.

Today's weather made me giddy. I went on a run this morning and I am so so excited for Fall. Ahh...Seasons, a little treat from God. He knew we would get bored with one climate.

I am so thankful for the health of my family. We aren't going to have these young healthy bodies forever. I am going to focus less on what this body of mine looks like and more on if it is healthy and fit to serve God and my family.

Man I love blogging...I will be back soon. My head feels so clear.

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  1. Each and every one of your posts is so encouraging to me! Praying for you and your family of, hopefully, 5!