Friday, May 4, 2012

What's new?

We have had a very exciting week around here. (If it takes a lot to get you excited, just stop reading, but if you take a lot of pleasure in small things, read on.)

We have enjoyed a few "firsts" around here this week. When you have a child...small things that are happening for the FIRST time, are video worthy. And when you are as excitable as Ryan and me..other things are at least blog worthy.

Brody had his first sips of whole milk and took it like a champ! He really seems to like it and that makes me SUPER happy because it feels a little better to buy a half gallon of whole milk for a few bucks than a can of formula for like a thousand dollars. (Not really even close to one thousand dollars..and may I say that I am so grateful for formula because it saves the lives of millions of babies and provides nourishment for precious angels!) The first sips were videoed

Brody also went to bed, 3 nights in a row without having a bottle at bed time. This is the child that we would make bottles for just so he would take a nap, not because he was hungry. Bed time is becoming a snap and he is being such a big boy about it. Does it make me sad that he doesn't want to rock and drink his bottle..yes, but does it make me proud that he is developing and growing and learning to do a few things on his own...yes, isn't that part of parenting? We still snuggle a little while Daddy reads his bible story and says a prayer.

We started brushing Brody's teeth every night. He LOVES it so much. (video worthy)

Brody went down a slide by himself for the first time. (video worthy)

We had guests over and there were enough people to have to use our new outdoor furniture! Thank you to the Palmers for enduring any bug bites you may have gotten while eating.

I looked up and mapped out the closest pediatrician to where we are going to be staying on our vacation. I wrote down the phone number and printed off directions. I stopped myself from looking up where they went to school.

Ryan went on a run with Brody by himself with the stroller. Brody was great..and daddy was tired.

I implemented a new cleaning schedule for myself. I have things that are daily tasks that must be done each day, and then there are things I do one day a week. It has pretty much changed my life! (possibly a blog post to come on this)

We bought some cedar planks to grill our salmon on and after soaking them for over an hour and being all ready to go..the grill ran out of gas.

Per the suggestion of some people in our Bible classes at church, when discussing how to study...we have started doing memory verses as a family. Also, a suggestion from class, I started the study method of reading the same few chapters of the Bible several days in a row until I feel like I really understand it/know it and then moving on and doing the same with the next few chapters. (Here I am not tooting my own horn, as they say, but it has really helped our family and encouragement is something that changes our lives daily.)

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  1. I love reading your posts! You are so down-to-earth, but positive and encouraging!

    Please share your cleaning schedule/routine. Although I don't have a child yet, this type of system I think could GREATLY help out my daily life.