Monday, April 2, 2012

A Biking Kind of Saturday

This past Saturday was one of my favorite days since Brody was born. It started around 7:00 in the morning (whoa, I'm a mom, I just said my favorite day began on a Saturday at 7:00am). We had a little breakfast as a family and played in the floor for a while and we talked about what we were going to do that day. Our conversation led us to the car and we headed to REI. It wasn't opened yet. So we went to TJ Maxx and bought 2 sippy cups and a book about tractors. BACK in the car and to REI!

We had been talking about getting me a bike for a long time. You see, back when our love was new we used to ride bikes a lot in Chattanooga. Ryan would bring his bike in the truck when he came to visit me on the weekends and I would ride my sister's bike. We loved it and talked about how we would get me a bike and do this all the time when we were married and then we'd see those people with the bike trailer and they're sleeping children in them and I would dream of my family just biking along on a beautiful day. So... almost 3 years later..we got me a bike! And now we have this kid, so we had to get a bike rack for the SUV and a baby seat and the sweetest itty bitty helmet for our baby.

We got home and Brody took a great nap while we put the seat together, I tested out my bike, and we packed a bag for the bike ride. Thankfully Brody woke up just after we finished getting everything ready because we were about to burst with excitement. Off to the park we was a perfect day...overcast and warm, no rain predicted.

We learned these things very quickly:

  • A kickstand doesn't hold up a bike with an empty baby seat on it, much less with a 20lb baby in it.
  • A 10 month old in a bike helmet is almost too cute to handle
  • We both needed to raise out bike seats up
  • Brody does better when he can't see mommy
We rode approximately 8 miles and Brody was pretty great! We stopped and gave him a sippy cup and a snack cup and boy do I love whoever made puffs! It was great, I loved watching Brody's little head look around at things and hearing Ryan point stuff out to him. Ryan said that Brody kept going "pat pat" on his back and I thought that was really sweet. I think he was saying "giddy up daddy!" 

Here are some fun pictures from our ride..

Brody is all strapped in and ready!

Stopping for a little bike adjustment

Okay, so he wasn't perfect..but he calmed down and was great!

 I'm not even looking for mommy now..
Oh, There she is, Hey Mom!
Brody is telling me all about his first bike ride and how great his daddy was at making it fun for him!

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